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The stress we face in our everyday lives–feeling left out in school, being unhappy in our jobs, navigating marriage and children–can cause unwanted emotional setbacks. I help people free themselves from overwhelming thoughts and emotions.  My clients learn how to creatively navigate their feelings and use their new insights to move forward with a much lighter emotional load.  

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I travel around the country sharing the lessons I’ve learned from The Things You Would Have Said and what I believe is the power behind asking questions. Is your college, organization, or professional development group looking for an inspiring new way to see the world and interact with others? If the answer is yes, let’s talk!

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Keep up to date on what is going on with The Things You Would Have Said. Read blog posts, see links to interviews and articles, read about related news topics, and find out where I’m speaking next. If you are reading and looking for some supplemental reading, look no further.

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The Things You Would Have Said

We’ve all missed the chance to say something important. Friends fall out of touch, loved ones pass away, or sometimes the courage required is simply lacking—and thank-yous, regrets, feelings, and secrets are left unshared. In 2009, I came up with a way to help people recapture a moment that had once passed them by—I began asking them to write letters.

From the indignant young boy urging his bully to become “a better man,” to the woman apologizing to the girl she picked on in high school, to a man thanking the woman who protected his family from Nazis, the letters bring together an outpouring of emotion that is as compelling as it is cathartic.

What They’re Saying…